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Development Begins on New Website

We have started work on a new and updated version of our website, which we hope will be of much more use to our customers. The Net-Work Internet Systems Team

New EmailCentre Goes Live

  We at Net-Work Internet are constantly improving the services our customers use. To this end we have upgraded the WebMail Client ( [important]The NEW client is much faster, more secure, more user friendly, and has many more features...

2 Meg ADSL Broadband to become universal

  Lord Carter, Communications minister, is expected to introduce a universal service obligation (USO) for broadband, with a requirement to provide services at up to 2Mbps, in his ‘Digital Britain’ review to be released later this month. The report is...

New Staff

Two vacancies where announced for first line ISP/IT support.   After a difficult selection process we are now happy to have both Geoff and Eurig answering support requests.

Corwen Broadband Exchange Activate

Net-Work Internet Ltd in partnership with BT and Local Authorities starts the roll-out and trials Broadband for Corwen.   The community starts to receive broadband services.