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Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Statement and other document resources…
Title Description Version Date Download
General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services The agreement that most customers will accept when we supply goods and services to them. 14 August 2014 image
Acceptable Use Policy General guidelines for the use of the Internet services provided by our company to our customers. 3 August 2009
Privacy Statement Our committed to protecting your privacy. 3 May 2018
Net-Telco Terms and Conditions The terms and conditions for all services purchased on the Net-Telco website. 3 September 2012
Supplementary Terms and Conditions for Domain Name Registration Services The supplementary agreement for all customers that we supply domain name registration services. 2 September 2014 image
Support Escalation Planner This planner is part of your general service agreement and provides useful information on how to contact customer support services and the level of service you should expect to receive. 3 August 2014 image
Complaint Escalation Procedure This procedure documents the processes you can take in making a complaint. 2 August 2014 image