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Acceptable Use Policy

The following policy is intended to be a guideline to Net-Work Internet Ltd stance against violations of the accepted norms of the Internet community and is not intended to be exhaustive. We reserve the right at all times to protect our reputation and goodwill.

Virtual Hosting
A1.The customer is restricted to the web space allocated depending on the initial terms of sale. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their disk utilization does not go over this limit.

A2.The customer is restricted to the bandwidth allocated depending on the initial terms of sale. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their bandwidth does not exceed this limit.

A3.The customer is not permitted to use any cgi, script, SSI, DDLs, EXE, modules or other programs other than those approved by Net-Work Internet Ltd.

A4.The customer is responsible for keeping backups of all their own data. Network Internet Ltd will not be responsible for loss of customer’s data for any reason.

A5.The customer is responsible for ensuring that the data offered in their web space does not break any UK law or any law in the home country of
the customer.

Net-work Internet Ltdreserves the right to remove a site under any of the following circumstances:

The material is suspected to be illegal.
The site gets an abnormally high number of hits and this exceeds predefined bandwidth allocations.
The customer closes their account or the customer’s account is suspended.
The presence of the site adversely affects in any way the ability of Net-work Internet Ltd to provide its services to other customers.
A6.The customer must not promote their web space in such a way that they would breach this Policy, whether through Net-work Internet Ltd or an alternative Internet Service Provider.

A7.Any content of an adult nature must contain a warning page as to the content of the site which should be displayed prior to the viewing of any such adult content.

A8.The customer must not disclose their password to any third party.

Email and Usenet
The customer must not use Net-work Internet Ltd service for any of the following purposes:

Initiating or propagating ‘chain’ email or ‘pyramid’ emails.
Sending bulk or unsolicited emails, especially of a commercial nature.
Using their Net-work Internet Ltd account as a maildrop for responses for any of the above.
B1.The customer must not email a person after they have specifically requested that you do not mail them. This applies to any automated mail
system you employ.

B2.The customer must not send email or post articles with headers modified in such a way as to disguise the true source of such mail or article. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that a real email address is present and obvious to any recipient.

B3.The customer must not post articles of a commercial nature to groups which are inappropriate to the subject of the article. This covers ‘spamming’.

B4.The customer must not use the service to post articles which contravene the charter of the group to which the posts are made. This includes binary attachments being posted to non-binary newsgroups.

B5.The customer must ensure that his or her equipment cannot be used to relay mail for a third party. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that their equipment is not capable being used as an ‘Open Relay’.

B6.The customer must ensure they do not over-utilize service provision or put unnecessary load upon the service.

Surf Port Customers
C1. Are advised that they must not force a connection ‘up’ by sending traffic such as, but not limited to, PING (ICMP) traffic across the connection to keep it live, force a connection to stay live when a machine is unattended or pre-set a computer / IP router to maintain an idle connection.

C2. All connected devices must be set to ‘dial-on-demand’ with idle timeouts of no more than five (5) minutes. Net-Work Internet Ltd reserves the right to disconnect / disable users accounts without refund if these extended clauses are infringed.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
D1.It is the customer’s responsibility to respect and obey the rules of the IRC server to which they are connected. The policies of the server can usually be found by typing /motd while connected to the server.

E1.The customer must not use their account for the purpose of obtaining
unauthorized access to any computer or service.

E2.The customer is responsible at all times for use of the account, whether through the customer or through third parties.

E3. Net-work Internet Ltd reserves the right to remove any usenet articles or web sites which might be held to be defamatory at it’s sole discretion.

F1.Following a breach of the AUP, Net-work Internet Ltd will take any action it considers to be appropriate up to and including closure of the account without notice. All breaches will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

F2.Following suspension of a customer’s account, the customer must send a letter to Net-work Internet Ltd undertaking not to breach this Policy on a subsequent occasion before the account will be reinstated.

F3.Net-Work Internet Ltd does not allow credits or refunds for any outages resulting from a suspension or deletion of an account under this Policy.

F4.Net-Work Internet Ltd reserves the right to modify or amend this Policy at any time.

F5.If a customer has neglected their reasonability to prevent ‘Open Relay’ Network Internet Ltd will be forced to suspend the service until sufficient evidence is presented that the configuration fault has been rectified. This will be undertaken at the customers expense.

Any breaches of this Policy should be reported to abuse @