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Clean SMTP is simple, affordable and works well with all Internet mail servers. Designed initially to provide an affordable Spam and Virus Blocking service to our existing Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Small Business Server customers,  Clean SMTP is now filtering SMTP mail for many email server platforms including FTGate, Tobit Postman, Groupwise, Lotus Domino, Zimbra, Sendmail, Microsoft Exchange 2007, Microsoft 2003 and Exim Mail Servers.

Technically, CleanSMTP is a port 25 managed firewall subscription service that intercepts all the emails for your domain name(s) before passing a Cleaner SMTP mail feed to your own mail server.  The configuration is very simple and only requires changes in the MX records for your domain name(s) to resolve to one of our primary CleanSMTP servers (for example @ in MX 1  You or your server administrator will not need to configure your server beyond this point,  however we recommend that for further security you only allow our Clean SMTP server IP address list to your network firewall rules.

Clean SMTP is also affordable,  with most packages only costing less than £20.00+VAT per month.   For further details go to CleanSMTP, email , or call 0800 99 89 077 (lines answered 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday).