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The mail server is not listed in the SPF record ..

In our ongoing fight against Spam we have programmed our mail servers to check for
SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records and act upon them.

Spammers have a habit of sending emails from email addresses that have nothing to
do with them (forgery). It is the real world equivalent to posting letters with a false return
address on the back of the envelope.  As you can imagine a lot of spam is undeliverable
and is returned to the sender, this often means an innocent Internet user is bombarded
with return emails that have nothing to do with them,  not to mention hate mail from
recipients of the spam.

SPF identifies which mail servers are authorised to send mail for which domain names.
Our mail servers look at these records and reject mail that are coming from mail servers
not associated with the sending domain name.

SPF records are used to protect against email forgery. SPF records do not exist on every
domain name, if they do exist it is because the domain owner (or domain owners ISP)
have deliberately put them there as such we would be acting irresponsibly if we did not
act upon them.

More information about SPF can be found at

If you have received a bounce back message that has pointed you at this web page we would
suggest you send a copy of the bounce message to your IT Department/ISP, who will be able
investigate the problem.