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Programming for Applications

bespoke application programming and design.

We design, program and intergrate server, client and roaming applications.

Our approach to any solution that requires programming is to design logically but allow flexibility.

Efficiency/Performance: the amount of system resources a program consumes (processor time, memory space, slow devices, network bandwidth and to some extent even user interaction), the less the better.

Reliability: how often the results of a program are correct. This depends on prevention of error propagation resulting from data conversion and prevention of errors resulting from buffer overflows, underflows and zero division.

Robustness: how well a program anticipates situations of data type conflict and other incompatibilities that result in run time errors and program halts. The focus is mainly on user interaction and the handling of exceptions.

Usability: the clarity and intuitiveness of a programs output can make or break its success. This involves a wide range of textual and graphical elements that makes a program easy and comfortable to use.

Portability: the range of computer hardware and operating system platforms on which the source code of a program can be compiled/interpreted and run. This depends mainly on the range of platform specific compilers for the language of the source code rather than anything having to do with the program directly.
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