NetHost Database Servers

MySQL and Microsoft SQL Database servers
Flexible, fast and secure database hosting plans

MySQL Database Server and Microsoft SQL Database Servers for your online applications.
NetHost Database Hosting Specification

MySQL Database Server

  • Standard 100 Mbytes Database Volume
  • MyAdmin Web Management Console
  • Regular Backup

Microsoft SQL Database Server

  • Version MS-SQL 2005
  • Standard 100 Mbytes Database Volume
  • Enterprise Manager Supported
  • Regular Backups


NetHost Database Hosting Prices

Database Plan  Monthly Yearly
MySQL Database Server Per Mbyte
(minimum 100Mbytes)
£0.10 £1.00
Microsoft SQL Database Server Per Mbyte
(minimum 100 Mbytes)
£0.25 £2.50
Extra Additional MySQL Database User n/a £12.00
Extra Additional Microsoft SQL Database User n/a £24.00
NetHost Database Microsoft DSN Setup £10.00 (once only)
NetHost Database CD/DVD Backup (per disc) £15.00 (per CD/DVD)

All prices exclude VAT@20%.