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Kerio Connect

UK Accredited Partner
For small to medium businesses, schools, government and non-profits that need email and collaboration. Kerio Connect is an award-winning Microsoft Exchange alternative that has stronger cross-platform support, easier administration, and up to 80% lower licensing costs than Microsoft Exchange Server.

Uniquely designed for easy deployment and easy administration, Kerio Connect provides comprehensive features and integrated tools.
Kerio Connect unifies access to email, calendar and contacts by synchronising wirelessly with smartphones. Supported mobile platforms include Treo with Palm OS, Windows Mobile®, Symbian and BlackBerry.
Dual anti-virus control provides administrators with the ability to use both the integrated McAfee Anti-Virus and one of several external virus scanning products (Avast, AVG, NOD32, Sophos, Symantec, and Clam AV) for stronger protection.
A combination of content-based SpamAssassin and sender-based anti-spam tools in Kerio Connect significantly reduces the amount of unwanted email, helping to limit the legal hassles and security risks associated with spam.
As a Microsoft Exchange alternative, Kerio Connect provides access to shared calendars, shared contacts and email from Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft Entourage, and Kerio Connect WebMail, while delivering lower TCO and a better overall email management experience for SMBs.
Two different web-based email clients, one with the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook and the other optimised for viewing email on PDA devices, provide users with both comfort and speed while working from most modern web browsers, including Safari and Firefox.
Kerio Connect runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008, server and non-server editions, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, OpenSUSE, CentOS and Mac OS X. Kerio Connect also comes in a CentOS virtual appliance.



Kerio Connect Standard Options

 Kerio Connect Base 5 Users  £320.00  £93.00
 Kerio Connect 5 User add-on  £85.00  £25.50
 Kerio Connect 20 User add-on  £340.00  £102.00
 Kerio Connect 100 User add-on  £1700.00  £510.00
 Kerio Connect 250 User add-on  £4250.00  £1275.00
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