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Simple email server protection

Providing a complete secure, reliable filtered SMTP feed.

CleanSMTP is a simple and affordable Hosted Spam Blocking service designed to protect all Internet mail servers, including Microsoft Exchange Server and Lotus Domino Server. CleanSMTP also filters your SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) feed for malicious email, email viruses and email DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.

 CleanSMTP Features
  • Virus Blocking
  • UCE/Spam Blocking
  • Backup Relay Servers
  • Support for Multiple Domains
  • Simple (no downloads, no installs)
  • Support for Disaster Recovery*
  • Value for Money

Email sent to your domain will automatically be inspected for all known Unsolicited Commercial Emails (UCE),Viruses and suspicious content prior to being forwarded to your own mail server.

This service is suitable for all SMTP email servers including Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino, Novell Groupwise, Tobit David Postman, FTGate Server, Zimbra Server, Exim, Classic Sendmail and many others.

CleanSMTP Price List

CleanSMTP Email Users  1-25  25+
 CleanSMTP Per Server Monthly  £19.95 (per month)  quote
 CleanSMTP Extra Domain Monthly  £3.00 (per month)  quote
 CleanSMTP Server Domain Setup  £59.00 (once only)  quote
 CleanSMTP Secure Smathost Monthly  £6.95 (per month)  quote

All prices exclude VAT@20%.
We have been using CleanSMTP for 3 years now and it is still performing well,  very affordable, excellent support –  Financial Director, Design Agency

Compared with other services, CleanSMTP is a simple option, I didn’t have to wait for a quote, I didn’t need to install any software, it just started working. My job was made easier. – Mark Gibson,  IT Specialist

I manage an 8 user Microsoft SBS Exchange server, and I found CleanSMTP was the most sensible solution to stop annoying emails.  It is easy and affordable and I recommend other small firms use it – Paul Johnson, Freight and Shipping

With CleanSMTP Exchange users have another layer of security protecting them.

*CleanSMTP is also supplied with excellent contingency support for when things go wrong.  For example when Neil’s server failed to restore from a backup he found that his office would have been without email for at least 3 days while the new server was rebuilt – unfortunately his business couldn’t wait this long so CleanSMTP contingency support was activated and all his users could communicate again within 60 minutes of the decision.   Talk with our advisor’s if you want to build this into your Disaster Recovery Plans.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I have to host my domain names with you or can I use other registrars?
No.  You can host your domain name with any registrar and simply point your mail records at our CleanSMTP servers.  However we often recommend transferring domain names to our control so that we can provide a more complete support package including free SPF forgery prevention and management.

Will CleanSMTP stop forged emails?
Yes.  The CleanSMTP service is probably the only hosted service with free support for SPF email forgery prevention.   We recognise the importance of SPF and therefore activity encourage and advise customers to implement the policy.

If my Microsoft Exchange Server is off line for a few days what will happen to my emails if we choose CleanSMTP?
Your emails will be held in our mail queues until your server is restored.   If however you need to access your email while your mail servers is off-line then you can call customer support and ask for CleanSMTP Contingency Support to be activated.  By default we will provide a single WebMail account to view your email until your server has been restored.

How long are CleanSMTP messages kept in Quarantine?
The CleanSMTP server will hold suspicious messages in Quarantine for up to 60 days. Messages headers can be viewed within the management console.

Can individual CleanSMTP users manage their policies?
Yes. By default CleanSMTP supports a single default Administrator Policy for each domain and up to 25 separate per Email User Policies. Each CleanSMTP user policy can be accessed and managed by the individual users within the management console or by the domain Administrator.