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Business Broadband ADSL

High Speed Internet for your Business

Quality Broadband suitable for any business solution.

Broadband Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a form of DSL, a data communications technology that enables faster Internet data transmission over copper telephone lines than a conventional voiceband modem can provide. It does this by utilizing frequencies that are not used by a voice telephone call.

Our Broadband product range is suitable for Teleworkers, small and large offices and is supplied with Business class support. Please use this Broadband Availability Checking Tool to test your phone exchange suitability.

Broadband Product Features
  • Static or Dynamic IPs
  • VPN and VOIP Compatible
  • upto 8Mbps download
  • upto 832Kbps upload
  • Business Class Support
Product Transfer* Upload Download Price
Office Enterprise Classic Unlimited upto 256Kbps upto 2Mbps  £60.00 per month
Office Premium MAX Plus 90Gb upto 832Kbps upto 8Mbps  £55.00 per month
Office Premium MAX 45Gb upto 832Kbps upto 8Mbps  £45.00 per month
Office MAX Plus 60Gb upto 448Kbps upto 8Mbps  £40.00 per month
Office MAX 30Gb upto 448Kbps upto 8Mbps  £30.00 per month
HOME 30Gb upto 448Kbps upto 8Mbps  £20.00 per month
Connection Fee  £65.00 once only
Migration Fee  £30.00 once only
Overuse  £20.00 upto next level

*In the event that your usage limit is exceeded we will issue an overuse charge within 30 days of the calendar month that incurred the extra usage.

All prices exclude VAT@20%.